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Caletti Cycles x Kille NAHBS 2016 Collaboration ft Giro The Caletti Bicycles x Kille collaboration Road Race Special was awarded the Best Finish award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, above is a video...

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Why you need a jersey with a wind block panel – as shown by...

Why adding a wind-block panel into a regular cycling jersey was a genius move by Huez Apparel. And does it go past just being a gimmick?

Attaquer Hall of Fame Limited Collection – ‘Marshall’ Photoset

A Kitwatch photoshoot with Riley Wolff / @thewolfferine of the Marshall kit - part of the Attaquer Cycling Hall of Fame Limited collection.

Cheese, stays tasty even in the form of a cycling kit

How did Cheese Cycling Club start, wonders Kip Jordan? He hope it was: Something like “we were just making this mad hot sauce and it spilled all over my legs before a ride ayoo we invented embro and it’s great”.